What I’m Reading: Live And Let Bite by Declan Finn


Hi, Aadi here. I’ve got the newest book in the Love At First Bite series and OMSG (that’s oh my stars & garters if you’re wondering) is this one good. I think I squealed for joy at the end of the prologue. Maybe, just maybe Marco and Amanda will become a couple.

Hey, it’s Mischa, for the love of that is holy, I hope they become a couple too or it will be unbearable being around Aadi until the next book comes out.

Hey, it will not.

What happened after Murpy’s Law of Vampires came out? You didn’t stop talking about it until Live and Let Bite came out. Oh, yeah, that’s the 3rd book in the series. Aadi forgot to mention that in her over excitement in telling you about the continuing saga of Marco and Amanda. I’m looking forward to more vampire killing action.

Check it out.

Living And Let Bite by Declan Finn
Category: NA

Merlin “Merle” Kraft has been fighting the darkness for months. He left San Francisco in the capable hands of Marco Catalano and his anti-vampire team to defend them against vampires. With special operators at his command, Kraft has been killing every vampire he can find in the Middle East. After clearing out a nest in Tora Bora, he is finally brought back to New York, and the investigation that led him to vampires in the first place.

Marco is starting to spiral. He knows it. His team knows it. Everyone around him can see that he’s just a bomb waiting to explode. The only woman who can bring him back from the brink is also the woman who lit his fuse.

Ever since the demon Asmodeus tried to murder Marco, Amanda Colt has been hunting down every lead to find the ones ultimately behind the attempt. After months of investigation, she learns that something in the dark is colder than the dark. It is a vampire assassin that Amanda has faced once before, and Amanda lost. This assassin is stronger than anything they’ve face before, and it isn’t alone.

With Marco ready to self-destruct, and the armies of Hell ready to descend, the three of them must come together and stop a thousand-year-old assassin that has never been stopped, and has never failed to kill her target.


“So, love,” Bosley began as informally as ever, her London accent slipping in. “You’re gonna wait until at least Christmas? You love Marco, he may love you, for all you know.”

Amanda sat back in the chair. She was still thrown at how casual Bosley could be. “Da.”

Bosley leaned forward, put down her wine glass, and picked up a picture from her blotter. “This him?”

Amanda blinked, and focused a little. “How did you -”

“It’s called Facebook, in’it?” Bosley smiled. She kicked back in the chair, sweeping her glass in one hand, and holding onto the picture in the other. “Nice lookin’ fella.”

Amanda squeezed her eyes shut, as though to clear them. The conversation was a little… surreal. She wasn’t exactly up on “girl talk.” Maybe it had to do with being Russian. Perhaps it had to do with being a vampire. Perhaps Bosley was just strange. “He is. Little on the young side, though.”

Bosley gave her an amused glance. “Listen, mate, when you reach, well, our general age, human age doesn’t exactly count for much. Know what I mean? Forty, twenty, makes little difference after you hit the first century mark. See what I mean?”

“Perhaps.” Amanda looked off to the side. “I wouldn’t know. My life has been very… quiet for a vampire, I suppose.”

Bosley nodded sagely. “I know how that can be. For the first few weeks, I was like that all the time.”

“I… found a job.”

Bosley looked at her. “Really? Well, then, I can only imagine how that went.” She looked back to the pic of Marco. “You really have a nice fella here. Five-nine, right? Dancer type, if the pic’s any indication.”

“Martial arts,” Amanda supplied. “Much the same.”

“True. Blond, with an Italian last name? Northern Italy, I’m guessing.” Bosley grinned. “Like I told him, if anything happens to you, I’ll be happy to take him in.”

Amanda tried not to laugh. “Be careful. He might just take you in.”

“Indeed. So, while you’re busy waiting for Christmas to come, what are you gonna do in the meantime?”

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