History of Nacerma

NE 1 – The April Compact is signed and the New Era begins. Nacerma elects its Council members to set up the new government and begin operations.

NE 5 – As a means to maintain the peace, the citizens agree to give up their guns, except for low threat weapons used mainly for hunting.

NE 7 – Remaining weapons banned and Council implements entitlement programs to provide for basic needs.

NE 8 – Marriage laws are revoked to make all “equal” and service requirements are set up. Public religious speech is banned. Religious speech is restricted to Churches, Mosques, Temples and homes.

NE 15 – The Red Guard is formed to enforce bans and root out traitors.

NE 16 – The Cleansing begins. Religious buildings are destroyed, religious leaders flee or are killed in public executions. Red Guard is given the power to be judge, jury and executioner for “thought crimes”.

NE 17 – Some of the power is dialed back. Put under the authority of the Guard’s High Commander.

NE 18 – Rebuilding of destroyed roads and public buildings begins.

NE 25 – The main roads connecting the major cities are complete. Environmental laws are implemented banning all motor vehicles, except those owned by the government.

NE 28 – Public education centers are set up and censoring of books and speech laws are put in place.

NE 30 – Private ownership of books is outlawed. Education centers and libraries are the only authorized locations for books.

NE 35 – Electricity and gas are rationed.

NE 36 – Guard towers along major roads are completed. Travel between cities increases as crime is reduced.

NE 37 – Rail lines are repaired and the train system set up for 4 routes out of Galt.

NE 38 – Peace begins to set in. Society starts to build around the new government guided norms taught in education centers.

NE 45 – Almost all rebellion has been removed introducing peace in society.

NE 61 – Along the northern board, in Region 5, Norvel attacks. Extra guards are moved to the border to fight the barbarian like army.

NE 67 – The story begins.

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