What I’m Reading: Prospero Lost by L. Jagi Lamplighter


Hi, Aadi here! I’ve got a interesting new book for you: Prospero Lost by L. Jagi Lamplighter


Publisher — Wordfire
Genre  — Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
Age category — YA


Miranda, daughter of the magician Prospero from Shakespeare’s Tempest, lives in the modern age. Upon discovering that her father has gone missing, she must discover the location of her other siblings and convince them to save their father, before the Three Shadowed Ones destroy the Family Prospero. She is accompanied by her company gumshoe, an airy spirit stuck in a body that looks a bit like Humphrey Bogart. Humor, mystery, wonder.


It was after midnight when I discovered Father’s last message.

After a long day of work, I had been relaxing in the lesser hall of Prospero’s Mansion in Oregon, flipping through one of my father’s old journals, when I came across a blank page. An intuition from my Lady prompted me to hold the book up to the phoenix lamp.

With a loud crackle, red-gold sparks leapt from the burning phoenix feather housed in a glass lantern beside the hearth and crawled across the journal, scorching words into the parchment. A strong odor of burnt paper and cinnamon filled the air. I nearly dropped the book.

I had seen secrets revealed by the phoenix lamp before. Father had a habit of scribbling notes in the margins that could be read only by this light. Normally, the letters appeared slowly. This smoldering script was something new.

The blazing letters read:

My Child:

I have unwittingly unleashed powers best kept bound. If I fail to constrain them, they shall destroy me and all I have wrought. If you have not seen me since the writing of this message, assume the worst and warn the family. Counsel my children to keep close the gifts I have bestowed.

Beware the Three Shadowed Ones!


Have you read this book? What did you think?

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  1. One of my favorite Trilogy! I’ve read it twice so far 🙂 Mephisto has to be one of my favorite siblings, right along with Theo. There are so many twists and turns…. you’ve love it! Especially the ending of the last book, it was such a perfect ending 😀

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