Court Ruling On Guns


Hey, it’s Mischa. I read that one of your court’s decided this week that your government can tell you that the only place you can have a gun is in your home. To me, that is scary.

I realize you aren’t old enough to carry a gun and maybe you don’t even like guns. But, it’s important to know what your courts and government are up to, because you don’t want your country to become like Nacerma.

In Nacerma, long before I was born, the people let the government take away their guns. At first it was just certain types of guns, then it became all guns. Then they took away all weapons, including bows and knives. I have to hide the small knife I carry in my boot. The people thought they would be safer if only the Guard had guns. Instead, once the people could no longer protect themselves, the government started taking other things away, and now, not only do we not have guns, we can’t practice our religion without fear of being sent to prison.

Nacerma isn’t the only country where weapons were banned. During the 20th century, Turkey, Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Uganda and Rwanda all had policies in place that outlawed guns by certain people.

Do your own research. Find out what happened after the guns were outlawed. Then, see what your Constitution says about the subject.

Here are a couple places to start your research:

What does the Second Amendment say about guns?

Russians, Their Guns And the State


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