Book Review: Schism by Laura Maisano


Hi, Aadi here. Today I’ve got a review by Jane Lebak of the book Schism by Laura Maisano


“Schism follows the story of two misfits who begin to discover that our world itself doesn’t quite “fit.” The Earth we know periodically intersects and interacts with another world, Illirin, driven by magic. Lea needs proof of this other world to save her family and has worked for years to obtain it. She’s so close now, but she needs help from Gabe, a moody art student wrapped up in what little he can remember of his past. But Lea’s breakthrough discovery about Illirin also illuminates something she never expected to learn about Gabe, and in the end, it may mean war for Illirin and destruction for the Earth. I enjoyed Schism and really liked the interplay between Gabe and Lea, their different reactions to Gabe’s past and the different ways they handle the questions of being apart, being different, being able to manufacture new selves. I recommend this book to anyone who likes YA or science fiction/fantasy, and I’m looking forward to reading more books in this series”


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