And So It Begins

The project that I’m working on with three time Dragon Award Finalist, Declan Finn, has begun. The working title of Dark Court has been scrapped. I never liked that title anyway. The new title is The Ri: Changlings It’s the beginning, I hope, of a YA Irish urban fantasy series set in New York City.
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The Hugos, Trump and How Not To Write An Argument

This article by Amanda Marcotte is actually from August, but in light of Trump’s victory, I thought I would address it. It is a perfect example of what aspiring journalists should not do if they want a successful career at a reputable publication. The alt-right attacks sci-fi: How the Hugo Awards got hijacked by Trumpian-style
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Election Is Over, Back To Work

I admit it, sometimes I’m a political junkie. Not often, but on occasion. (I was a Political Science major in college, so it’s inevitable that I’ll jump in once in a while.)Mostly I spend hours banging my head against a wall reading the stupid on Facebook. I shouldn’t be shocked. The state of the education
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