Karina Fabian

One Page Podcast: Discovery by Karina Fabian

Sisters Ann, Tommie and Rita are part of a classified mission to explore an alien ship that has crash landed on an asteroid three billion miles from earth. Humanity’s first contact with beings from beyond the solar system is bound to unlock the mystery of life in the universe, but the crew have their own
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Book Bomb - Infinite Space, Infinite God II

The history of the Catholic Church is full of heroes: men and women of courage and conviction. Not only did these Catholic heroes live and die for their faith, but they saved others, fought valiantly, inspired the masses, and influenced nations. Now, Infinite Space, Infinite God II honors that legacy with twelve science fiction stories
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Review: I Left My Brains In San Francisco

Wow. Audible has still not put up Karina’s book. Really? Get off your duffs Audible! Thankfully, Karina had a work around and I was able to listen to it pre-release. (I even postponed a hot date with a delicious guy in order to get this review up when I said I would.) I have not
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While You're Waiting

I’ve been informed that I Left My Brains in San Francisco will not be out until the 5th. While you’re waiting for it to be released you can check out book 1 Neeta Lyffe Zombie Exterminator that is already available at Audible and Amazon.

I Left My Brains In San Francisco Coming To Audible

Out this month at Audible.com: I Left My Brains In San Francisco Written by Karina Fabian and read by Becky Parker About the Book Zombie problem? Call Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator–but not this weekend. On vacation at an exterminator’s convention, she’s looking to relax, have fun, and enjoy a little romance. Too bad the zombies
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