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Copyright And Book Covers

The issue of book covers and copyrights came up recently due to some memes that I created for other authors. In my book cover presentations, I make it very clear to people that if you don’t have express permission to use an image, don’t. Better safe than sorry for DIY projects. Of course, there are
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The Making of the UnSub Cover

One thing about working with Declan on covers is that he doesn’t give me much lead time when he plans to publish. We have a good arrangement, he lets me read his books in advance and I don’t complain about his waiting until the day before he needs a cover to let me know. (Okay…I
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Status Update On Books and Art

I’m going to be gone most of this week so I thought I would post a short update on my upcoming books. Path of Angels After almost four years of working on this book, I’m finally getting close to being finished. I have some rewrites to do and then back to beta readers for a
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Another New Cover

I have been working on a remake of Declan’s “It Was Only On Stun” cover. The new design will tie in with Declan’s upcoming sequel and the Tearful Puppies Strike Back cover. Here is the original:   And here is the new design. Let me know what you think.

The Week Is Finally Over

The weekend is finally here! Yay! Maybe now things will get better. I won’t hold my breath, though. Of course, I will be working all weekend. On my to-do list is: a story for Liberty Island Magazine’s Summer of Love contest a story for The Once And Future King anthology blog posts for next week
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Rough Week Already

Yesterday morning, I did something that could only be called masochistic. I posted drafts of two covers I was working on (with permission of the author) and asked for criticism. Mind you, I was asking this of people I’m somewhat familiar with on Facebook. So, it was probably a lot nicer than if I posted
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New Covers, Path of Angels Update & More

For a short week, it was loaded with drama and other such funnery. I’m exhausted, not only by the stress of it all, but also from lack of sleep. I’m a bit behind on posting this week, so I thought I’d write a quick update on everything that’s going on. Honor At Stake’s New Cover
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I have been working hard lately. Or, at least trying to. Between interruptions and taking last weekend off, I’m a bit behind. Writing I have a number of projects that I’m trying to finalize and get out. St. Lucian’s Star – After some review, I am expanding this short story and will re-release it when
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The Catholic Writer’s Conference Online is this weekend. I’ll be presenting tomorrow at 1:30 pm EST on the Basics of Book Cover Design. If’ you’re attending, I hope to “see” you there.

The Making of Saint Lucian's Star Cover

I have been slowly learning GIMP in order to create some amazing artwork for book covers. My series of SF/Fantasy/Romance short stories call for stuff that just isn’t obtainable with photographs. I started with torturing my model (aka my son, Andrew) by forcing him to pose out in public where people could see him. By
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