Movie Review: The Lost City of Z

I have a love/hate relationship with these types of movies. I love the adventure, perseverance and history, but I don’t like sad endings. But, lately, it seems that all of the movies that I’ve seen have sad endings. It’s depressing. The Lost City of Z is the story of an explorer, Percy Fawcett, who travels
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Movie Review: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

I was sooooo looking forward to this movie. I love Arthurian stories, even ones that are slightly modified from the the original lore. This was not anywhere remotely an Arthurian movie. It was however an awesome fantasy movie if you ignore the hints to the legend. Okay, it had some of the major players, Uther,
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Review: A Pius Man by Declan Finn

A Pius Man has gotten a bit of an update and has been re-released by Silver Empire Press this month. It’s available in print and ebook on I thought the book was an great story back when I first reviewed it. It is amazing how some minor edits turned this great story into a
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Movie Review: John Wick 2

I got the chance to watch John Wick 2, because being ill just doesn’t allow for too many other options. I thought 2 was a far better movie than 1. The beginning started off with a bang. No puppies were killed. Reeves didn’t have many lines. No puppies were killed. The plot was well defined.
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Review the KISS way

Imagine walking blindfolded into a room. You tell a story and at the end there is silence. Feeling a bit worried? Well, that is what it’s like for authors. We know you have our books. We know some of you have even read them. But, without reviews, it’s like that silent room. Don’t write reviews
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Movie Review: Doctor Strange

This movie was a cross between a kung fu flick and an M. C. Escher nightmare, plus a touch of Groundhog Day. Doctor Steven Strange is a brilliant surgeon who loses the use of his hands after a car accident. When modern medicine fails to give him back his hands, he resorts to finding an
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