November 2017

I Think I May Have Over Done It A Bit

For the past few months, I’ve been at my computer almost nonstop working on project after project. Throw in a day job that requires typing and you have a recipe for problems. All this keyboarding is taking a toll on my left wrist. I’ve been babying it over the past week because it starts hurting
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Supversive Rountable

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll be appearing on the Superversive Roundtable¬†at 3 pm EST to talk about the anthology that just came out on Wednesday, MAGA 2020 & Beyond. There will be a bunch of us on. It should be fun. Come take a listen. In other news, I’m worn out. Other than the roundtable, I’m taking
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Nanowrimo - Weak Start

Soooo I decided to use November to finish up the first draft of Relic Hunter. And, if I had time, finish Courage of Martyrs. Last week didn’t turn out like planned and this week doesn’t look promising either. My total word count was under 1K. Even though my word count was low, I still completed
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