Happy Halloween: The Honey Trap

In the late 1800’s, H.H. Holmes, tagged as America’s 1st Serial Killer, built a hotel of horrors in downtown Chicago. No one knows how many people were killed within it’s walls nor how many people in all that Holmes murdered in his lifetime. He confessed to 27, however it’s suspected that as many as 200 died at his hands. The murders were discovered after he was arrested for insurance fraud. He was later tried and convicted for the murder of an accomplice, Benjamin Pitezel. He was just shy of 35 years old when he was hung.

In this fictionized version, Holmes lives with his sadist girlfriend, Jessica, who lures victims to their demise.

Thanks to Jim, Tom & Ben for being my willing victims. 

This story is dedicated to File770 trolls who once called satire I wrote where no one died “over-sexualized revenge murder porn”.  You made this story possible.

Now, on to the demented tale. 


“No, it doesn’t smell like lemons,” Jessica said into the phone. “Fine, there’s a guy coming. I’ll ask him.” She undid another button on her blouse exposing more of the milky white breasts that spilled out of her lacy black bra.

“Hey, can you help me?” She called out to the man who had just rounded the corner of 63rd and Wallace. He was the first she’d seen in an hour. She looked him over; late 20s, handsome, a look of distrust in his eyes. He wouldn’t be an easy target. Perfect!

“My boyfriend gave me this bottle of Chloroform and said it smells like lemons.” She wrinkled her nose. “It smells more like vodka.”

“You’re boyfriend’s a dick. That’s not chloroform. Chloroform would knock you on your ass if you breathed it in.” He kept his distance and his eyes averted, like he wanted to be anywhere else at that moment.

Jessica adjusted her position, watching for a hint that he was interested. The last guy had practically drooled on himself when she showed a little leg. Tom was his name. He screamed like a little girl when Henry castrated him with a butter knife. She kept a recording of it for those times when Henry wasn’t in the mood and she had to take care of things herself.

“No. He’s a doctor. Dr. Henry Holmes. He said it was chloroform. Henry wouldn’t lie to me.” She planted a spiked heel against the pole causing her already short skirt to show off more of her thigh.

“It’s not chloroform.” He turned to walk away.

She stepped into his path. His eyes involuntarily looked down, then back up, his pupils wide. I’ve got you.

“Then what is it?” She asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s not chloroform.”

“Oh.” She let her voice drop in feigned disappointment. “Well, thank you…I don’t know your name.”


“Jim. Will you smell it and tell me if it smells like lemons to you?”

He rolled his eyes. “Sure.”

Jim took the small plastic bottle from her and held it to his nose. “Fuck.” His eyes roll back in his head and he collapses to the ground.

Jessica stood over him. “Told you it was chloroform.”

* * *
“Henry, I want to play with this one for a bit before you kill him.” Jessica ran a hand over the bare chest of the unconscious man. He was spread naked on the bed, his clothes having been cut off. “He’ll be fun to make beg.”

Henry wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. “Bring me another one and he’s all yours, darling.”

Jessica turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. Henry was a head taller than her and a certain old world charm about him. He always wore a three piece suit and a bowler hat, looking as if he’d just stepped out of a history book. “Can I play with you first?”

“Later, but no scars this time.”

“Not even little ones?”

“If you want to leave scars, leave them on the toys.”

“Fine. But, only if you stay and watch.”

The half-smile on his face said she’d be entertaining herself that evening. She’d have Jim as long as she wanted him, but it wasn’t the same. Henry was the only person she’d ever met who truly understand her lust for causing pain and sometimes receiving it. Jim, like all the others, would eventually break.

He kissed her on the nose. “Now go. The sun will be up soon and you’ll lose your change to find me a different toy.”

* * *

Jessica walked out onto the streets of Chicago just as the sun was beginning to brighten the sky. She’d have to move quickly. Across the street, a man sat on a bench intently watching her while sharpened a knife. She smiled her most charming smile. He’ll do.

She sat down on the bench next to him, hiking her skirt so that it barely covered her lacy black panties. “That is an impressive knife you have there.”

“Thanks. It’s a little something I made.” He turned it and held out the handle to her. “Careful, it’s sharp.”

She took the knife, feeling the weight in her hand. “Nice weight. Good balance.”

“You know about knives?” His eyes followed her hand as she caressed the flat side of the blade.

“I have a collection of my own. Would you like to see it?”

His eyes lit up. “Yeah.”

“Well, then. Let’s go.”

He gathered up a stash of knives that she hadn’t seen on approach. There had to be a dozen in various shapes and sizes. Henry was going to like the new additions.

She wrapped her arm in his. “What else can I get you to show me, besides your knives?”

* * *

“That was fast.” Henry sat at his office desk.

“Ben was easy. I just promised him a look at a my knife collection, then it was downhill from there. He’s asleep in Room 203.”

“Wore him out did you?”

Jessica grinned. “His guard is down. He’ll scream that much louder.”

“Come here.” He turned his chair so that his legs weren’t under the desk.

Jessica sat on his lap.

“I am the luckiest man on the planet to find someone like you.”

“Yes, you are. And you have a dozen new knives. I hope he appreciates the care you’ll take in using his knives on him.” She loosened his tie. “You could show me a little appreciation for my efforts.”

He kissed her. “Anything, my darling.”

* * *

Jessica walked into room 216 where Jim was tied spread eagle on the bed. The room had been soundproofed for such occasions. She was going to make him scream, that she was sure of. They all did eventually.
On the wall were hooks with a variety of whips, knives and other devices for inflicting pain. This room was designed to her specifications with the tools she wanted. Henry was more into chemical methods of torture. She liked to drag things out, breaking their mind, body and spirit before giving into their requests for death.
“Over there, dear.” She motioned for Henry to sit in the high back chair in the corner. There were restraints attached to the chair which she fashioned around Henry’s wrists and ankles. “I want you to watch, dear, not join in. You get in too much of a hurry to kill them. I’d rather drag it out for a while.”

Jim was barely awake. His half opened eyes stared at her.

“Do you like it?” She spun around showing off the pure white negligee. “Your blood will look beautiful offset against the white.”

His eyes widened as adrenaline cleaned the last traces of drugs from his system.

She brought the crop down hard against the side of his bare hip.

He gritted his teeth stifling the scream that tried to escape.

“Oh, you are going to be fun.” Jessica grinned with delight.

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