#IAmNotAVictim And You Shouldn’t Be One Either

****There will be language. You have been warned.***


I have said very little about the whole Weinstein scandal or the “Me Too” social media campaign. Mainly because I figured I’d piss everyone off with a blog post instead.

Do I feel sorry for the starlets who let Weinstein grope them and generally be a pervy dick so they could advance their careers? Not even a tiny bit. It’s been generally known for the entirety of the movie industry and just about every other industry that there are people who will use their power to get a piece of ass. I don’t care how many of the Hollyweird crowd claim ignorance of what was going on, I call bullshit. That industry, like many creative industries is small. They knew and they turned a blind eye to it, because they didn’t want to hurt their careers. They made Weinstein and every other creep in Hollyweird who thinks that they can use their position to use people.

But, the actresses who were the victims. Again, bullshit. They put their careers above their moral duty to reject the blatant perviness and above respect for themselves. Is it a hard choice to make? It shouldn’t be. And if every single one of those actresses chose what was right, there wouldn’t be Weinsteins in this world.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to the children who get used and abused in the Hollyweird world, sometimes sold out by their own damn parents. The adults who abuse kids should get a single bullet to the forehead. The parents who allow it to happen, should lose their children and be in jail.

As a followup to the feigned surprise that pervs exist, was the “Me Too” campaign. Everyone and their dog was coming out of the woodwork to chime in with “Me Too” to show how wide spread sexual harassment and sexual assault are, as if everyone didn’t already know.

Well, I haven’t joined in because #IAmNotAVictim. And I’ll never be one. You shouldn’t be one either.

It does no one any good to spend time dwelling on events that are in the past and beyond their control. And the dicks or dickettes who treat others with less than the utmost respect, don’t deserve free rent in anyone’s head.  (Yes ladies, you do it too. You can stop playing innocent. Just because men like it, doesn’t make it right.)

I’ve had some pretty goddamn awful things happen in my life, but they do not define who I am. Nor do they define what I make of myself.

The actions of others is on them. They will have to account for their behavior before God, who can provide far worse punishments than I can.

I will not play the victim, because they are not worth my time.

Instead, I choose to look for the beautiful things in life. The art, music, writing, laughter, joy, dogs.

I spend my time, skills and talents to help others in need.

I spend my time spreading good values and morals and truth through my writing in hopes that it makes the world a little bit better place to live.

I don’t spend my time on people who don’t deserve it.

#IAmNotAVictim because I choose not to be.




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