More Stories Are Coming

Wow, this year has been busy and it’s not even over yet. I’m a bit exhausted, but plan to keep working.

Except the last week of this month. I’m going to Florida for a week. I’ll still be working, but not on writing.

I have several stories coming in the next couple of months.

My annual Halloween story will be coming out at the end of this month.


From Superversive Press – MAGA 2020 & Beyond

The Many Faces of Trump – About a 5th grade field trip to the Trump Memorial Library and Golf course.

The Six Grandfathers – The Six Grandfathers return to reclaim their land.

Scales In The Balance – A look at Trump’s probable effect on the Supreme Court


From Silver Empire Press – Paragons

Deadly Calm Returns – A retired superhero wants a taste of the limelight again.


Next year, I will have stories in more Superversive Press Anthologies, including Mercury, Venus, and Mars (I think), I’ll be editing Earth, and will have submissions into more.





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