The Many Faces of Trump – Coming Nov 8th

When the presidential election was just starting and Trump was in the lead, I was certain that he was a red herring for the Democrats to focus on so that the real candidate could get some momentum before getting attacked.

Then, he won.

I was more than a bit shocked, but I was also happy. While I didn’t like Trump, I hated Hillary. I would have rather voted for Satan than her. He would have been the lesser of two evils.

So when this anthology came up, I ignored the call at first. I didn’t really want to write for a political anthology, even if it was about the future. But, I got asked and so I wrote a story. But, I wrote it my way.

My inspiration for my story, The Many Faces of Trump, were the elementary age kids that I taught religious ed to for several years. One thing about kids: They are blunt and will ask the craziest questions. And you always have at least one kid in every class who is not impressed with anything.

So I took that kid and forced him on a 4th grade field trip to the Trump Memorial Library and Golf Course. As expected, he annoys the teacher with questions and added his own commentary on the long dead president. It was fun.

I hope you enjoy it.

MAGA 2020 & Beyond will be out November 8th, but you can pre-order a Kindle copy now on Amazon.



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