Book Review: Good To The Last Drop

Good to the Last Drop is the final book in the Love At First Bite series by Declan Finn.

It ties up all of the lose ends, but also leaves the door open for more books in the future.

I have to admit, it’s not my favorite of the series. First off, it ends. It’s a good ending, but still.

Secondly, there are a couple things in this one that make me twitch, but that’s just me. They’re kind of like a man wearing a brown belt and black shoes. No normal person notices stuff like that…I do.

The story circles back around to Mikhail the Bear from Book 1. His brother, Misha, is out for revenge. If you thought Mr. Day from Book 2 was bad, this guy is irritatingly worse. He projects, is invincible and has werecritters and minions at his command.

The romance between Marco and Amanda is finally tied up. And yes, that part is at least a happy ending. Yay!

There are several characters, though, that don’t get happy endings. You’ll have to read to book to find out which ones.

Oh, and lots of bad guys, werecritters and minions bite the dust. You’d think they’d learn after the first few hundred deaths, but no.

As with all of the books in the series, the action is over the top and practically non-stop. The property damage isn’t quite what it was in Murphy’s Law of Vampires, it’s up there. And if the Vatican Ninjas were real, the Vatican would be bankrupt from the amount of ammunition spent in just this one book. So, lots of fun and excitement.

Make sure to read the first three in the series or you will be lost in this final book. My reviews for the first three books are here, here and here.



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