Movie Review Double Feature: Alien Covenant and Logan

Aliens Covenant

Aliens Covenant was odd. There is an expectation that with Aliens, there will be the friendly little face huggers. It’s been that way since the first movie. So, when the movie goes off the rails and introduces something different it throws you.

The movie starts out slow. And by slow, I mean you can skip the first 10-15 minutes. Finally it cuts to the main characters, the crew of a space ship on it’s way to setup a colony on another planet.

In the 80’s slasher flicks, you could almost guarantee that if there is a bump in the house, “the dumb blond” in the story would go looking for the sound. In the the case of sci-fi, it’s the crew of ship answering a distress call.

Obviously, they land on a planet that would be a perfect substitute planet for a colony. Without giving away lots of spoilers, things go terribly wrong.

Sigh, okay, I can go with the distress call trope. But, where are the face huggers? How do you have an alien movie without face huggers right off the bat? Come on.

And just when you finally get to a point where you’re not going “okay…what’s the point? Where is this going?” you transition to “WTF? Nooooo! Seriously? Noooooo!”

I did like the ending. It was sufficiently creepy.



There were two parts I didn’t like, but overall it wasn’t bad.

Logan (aka Wolverine) is trying to get Magneto away from people where his failing health could kill everyone. Along the way, he is pursued by two different people: a woman who escaped with a child from a lab where mutants were being cloned and a man who wants to use Magneto’s powers for his own purposes. His mission changes when he discovers the man is also after the little girl.

One point in the movie that made me go huh?, was when Magneto was explaining that the girl with powers similar to Wolverine has knives in her feet was due to her being female. Which makes absolutely no sense to me since the adamantium was grafted onto Logan’s skeleton and isn’t genetic at all. Regardless of what dna the scientists used to clone a wolverine type character, one would never be born with adamantium. Where the placement of the knives were placed would be a choice made by the scientists who created her, not nature.

There are self-driving cargo trailers in the movie. I am not a fan. I too much about physics to think these are a good idea.

The ending of the movie was bittersweet.  I am not a fan of this type of ending. I like happy endings in my fiction.

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