Game of Thrones Travel Edition

I’m finally back from Dragon Con after a continual bout of mishaps. I will be posting pictures and notes all the rest of this week.

First up is my travel mishaps. Okay, nobody actually died, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had.

I left Sioux City on time and all was going well until we arrived a minute late to gate and then there was a malfunction with the bridge. After several minutes, we were able to leave the plane.

Even though I arrived with ten minutes before I had to board the next plane, they had bumped me from that flight and re routed me to Charlotte, NC. That plane sounded like it has severe issues and someone in the cargo hold trying to saw their way out. The landing was rather rough as well. I was never so glad to get off a plane before.

There was an hour or so lay over in Charlotte, then I was on to Atlanta. I arrived about 4 hours later than originally scheduled.

I made it on the train and into town without incident.

The hotel was a short 3 blocks or so from the station, except that Google Maps didn’t want to work for me. It took me all over the place. It couldn’t seem to find the hotel. And the damn thing kept giving me a 3D view.

I HATE the 3D view with a passion. I know how to read a map. Just give me a map showing where north is, with street names, and I’ll find my own way. But, no, it wouldn’t do that. An hour or so of walking and I finally found the place.

All weekend, I kept getting lost between the con hotels and my hotel, because it seems like every time I came out of a different door onto a different street.

On the plus side, I hit my walking goals by noon every day.

The return home was more disaster. My flight from Atlanta to Chicago was first delayed and then rerouted to go around a storm. It arrived in Chicago two hours late.

I figured, no big deal, the hotel I booked said it had a hotel shuttle. I ring the hotel to have the shuttle pick me up and low and behold, no shuttle. A round trip ride to and from the hotel was more than the hotel cost, so I stayed at the airport. The arm rests are a royal pain to deal with when trying to get sleep. I did get a few hours of interrupted sleep as housekeeping vacuumed and polished floors.

This flight was delayed, not once, but three times. The first time due to a late arrival of the plane from where ever it flew in from, then because of a maintenance issue, and a third time due to a 2nd maintenance issue.

They were able to fly a bit faster to make up for lost time and we arrived only 15 minutes or so late.

Of course, my ride was there to meet me. Luckily, the bus runs to the hotel so I was able to catch it to get home.

The normal 15 minute drive from the airport to my house took an hour and fifteen by bus.

So, I’m finally home and busy working on a few things that needed to get done right away.

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