The History Behind Path of Angels

Path of Angels has it’s roots in history.

For the past 2000 years there have been emperors, kings, queens, dictators, religious leaders and government regimes who have tried to stamp out Catholicism by force.

When doing research for my trilogy, I didn’t get too hung up on specific people, places or dates.

I was looking for the stories behind the people who, despite the threat of punishment or death, continued to practice their religion in secret.

Much of my research was done on the Elizabethan Era in England, but I also researched the Catholic persecution in Rome, Mexico, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Middle East and Africa.

One of the things I found fascinating about Elizabethan priest holes that were used to hide, not only religious items, but actual priests. There was a monk who had a special skill at designing these hiding spots. In fact, he was so good that some are still being found today.

Several years ago I read an article about Catholics in some part of Africa that would rise at 3 am, then walk many miles in order to go to Mass. The risk to them if caught was unimaginable. They risked torture and death, something those of us in the US don’t have to worry about. It’s inspiring to think of the hardship that many go through to practice their faith.

I’ve had reviewers comment that religious persecution could never happen here, because of our Constitution. I agree. That is why I destroyed the United States to create the fictional country of Nacerma where I used the stories of the brave soles in history to create my characters and my fictional world where religion is punishable by death.

The sequel, Courage of Martyrs, will delve more into the dangers of practicing religion and see the more public side of the trial and punishment of those convicted. Aadi will find herself in a more precarious position under the watchful eye of Captain Avil. Fr. Leyon also takes a more prominent position in Book 2.

The French Revolution, Nazi Germany, ISIS controlled areas of the middle east and even old west hangings play a part in the research for book 2.

More on that when I get the draft done.



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