Do You Want To Sell Books? Get Excited!

You’ve probably heard that excitement is contagious. It’s true.

Marketers know this. That’s why infomercial salesmen are loud and bouncy. That’s why when a band or movement or whatever want to drum up excitement, they show groups of people excited. Being excited gets others excited.

According to psychology, excited people are more likely to act. Whether that is jumping out of an airplane or buying your book, excited people do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Hence why it’s important for authors to be excited about their books.

If you’re not excited about your book, no one else will be either.

This does not mean you should spam the internet with sales links. That doesn’t get people excited, that makes people want to hurt you.

Push themes, ideas, characters, plot points, etc…don’t try to shove your book down everyone’s throat. Share your wins. Share your successess. Make others feel a part of that success. Treat them as if you couldn’t have gotten where you are today without their help.

Most likely, you wouldn’t have.

A great guy, author and friend, Jon Del Arroz, is a great example of how to drum up excitement. He gets people excited by being excited. If you’ve ever followed his Twitter feed, you can see this in action.

For someone like me, not bouncy by nature, it’s entertaining to watch. I can do it in small bursts, but not at all to Jon’s level.

So…the moral of this story, dear authors, is to be excited about your books so that others will be excited about them too.

Let’s bounce.


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