Critiques And Reviews

I’ve been oh so busy trying to finish up a number of projects. Of course, all I want to do is sleep for a week, I’m so tired. That isn’t going to happen anytime soon though.

Along with writing there is the necessity of critiques and reviews.

I always get a kick out of critiques, because you have those that love everything about the story and others who find problems with the parts of the story that don’t even exist.

I tend to be drawn to the critiques somewhere leaning towards the nitpicky side. Some of the suggestions won’t work, but others are invaluable for improving my work.

Every writer should embrace the nitpicker. I don’t mean the ones who tear the work apart to be mean or show how brilliant the critiquer is. No, I mean the ones who not only care enough to tell when something sucks, but ones who help you make it better.

Writers who want to grow and become better need to be challenged. Everything from their plot to their word choice needs to be challenged in order to develop their skill. Writers who are never challenged, who never change, never get better.

Of course, reviews are a different story. Reviews aren’t meant for the author. They are meant for other readers.

Sometimes, if a certain issue among readers keeps popping up, then an author might be able to use the reviews to revise the book or as a guide for future books.

I’ve gotten a few new reviews for Path of Angels. It’s interesting to see how different readers interpret the book. Take a look.

All in all, a fun read, good characters, and the action both physical and spiritual never stops. It reminds me a little of two very different authors’ works – Jagi Lamplighter and Robert Hugh Benson. ~ Joseph Moore, Yard Sale of the Mind

It’s a hard trick to show hope in the face of hopelessness, but Dawn Witzke pulls it off. ~JD Cowan, And Between the Wasteland and Sky

Click on the links to read the full reviews.

If you haven’t read Path of Angels yet, check it out on Amazon.

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