Another Week, A Ton More New Projects

Last week was…interesting. Just when I think I’m getting through my to-do list, I add more stuff to it.

A project that I had kind of forgotten about was cancelled due to issues over the cover. Then it was uncancelled when another publisher picked up the idea. I’ll be doing the cover for the new publisher as well as having one, maybe two stories included. More details later.

My pulp fiction style story has been subbed to the editor for the Mars Anthology

A future project that I picked up is as an editor for an anthology.

I finished the draft cover for Declan’s upcoming book Good To The Last Drop coming out in August.

Post Traumatic Stress by Russell Newquist will be this week’s episode of the One Page Podcast. Check it out Thursday.

Up next is Dark Court. I’m just waiting for Declan to get a few things off his plate so that we can start back up in the next week or two. That will take up almost all of my time until Dragon Con. We plan to have the first draft done before then. Since we’ve never worked together this way on a project before, it could be…interesting.

The usual course of events is:

  1. He writes something/I write something
  2. I rip it apart/I nag him to read it
  3. He gets mad at me/He makes suggestions
  4. We argue/We argue
  5. He does some of what I suggest because he realizes that I’m brilliant and right/I make the changes he suggested
  6. “Told you so.”/”I told you so, now maybe someday you’ll actually listen.”
  7. “Whatever”/”Never”
  8. Rinse and repeat

While I’m waiting on him, I’ll be working on restructuring Courage of Martyrs and beginning the work to flesh the rough draft out so that maybe I can have it out by the end of the year.




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