Where Did All This Work Come From?

So, there are less than sixty days until I leave for Dragon Con.

Which means I have less than sixty days to get a ton of stuff done.


I am considering taking some time off from everything, except my day job.

You can stop laughing now. It’s not that funny.

I really am not a workaholic…okay, maybe just a little bit. Fine…a lot.

Here is a small sample of what I have in the works between now and Dragon Con:


  • Superversive Press’s Mercury Anthology accepted
  • story subbed to the Venus Anthology
  • story subbed to Silver Empire’s Superhero Anthology
  • working on a story for Mars Anthology
  • working on a story for Forbidden Thoughts 2
  • finished sub for Lyonesse
  • sub for Stairs in the Woods Anthology by Silver Empire


  • Relic Hunter
  • Dark Court
  • Courage of Martyrs


  • The Product


  • Setup new website for Sioux City OCDS
  • Setup website for DW Creations LLC
  • Do newsletters for various groups
  • Blog posts for 4 sites
  • One Page Podcast
  • Beta read one novel
  • Post reviews for 2 other novels

These are the big things. I also have a bunch of routine things as well.

So, I have a couple of things to work on over the next few weeks.

P.S. The Dragon Award nominations close in a couple weeks. Finish up your reading and get voting.



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