Liberty Con Report

Wow! This year was my first ever Liberty Con and it was amazing.

It was also, one of my most productive cons. And, most exhausting.

I met a bunch of people I’ve only ever known online (Jon Del Arroz, Russell Newquist, Morgan Newquist, Alfred Genneson, Ben Olsen, Monalisa Morgan Foster, Hans Schantz, etc etc etc etc). Had some great conversations, ate great food, and walked God only knows how many miles.

Karl Gallagher will never be forgotten by me since Declan tried to introduce me to him three times over 2 days. Plus, I got to pretend to be him for a couple of minutes on Sunday morning when he stole my seat to talk to Amie Gibbons.

There was even one guy who swore he had met me there last year or at Dragon Con. That was funny since I’ve never been to either before this year.

The panels were interesting, especially Tom Kratzman’s panel and one on hard science fiction. I didn’t learn anything useful, but they were fun.

During the panel Declan was on discussing Victorian horror or some such, I so wanted to chime in during the part where they talked about sexual attitudes and themes in stories like Bram Stoker. Sexual attitudes during the Victorian Age was a topic that I had done a paper on when I was in college studying Sociology. Maybe I’ll have to do a blog post on it soon. It’s a rather interesting topic.


One of the panels I went to netted me at least one new podcast listener from the panelists. That was awesome. I learned useful stuff there.

People actually showed up to my book cover presentation and my book reading.

Considering it started storming out shortly after my book cover presentation started, I was shocked. I didn’t expect anyone to venture out in the rain, but they did. It was fun.

The drive there and back, though, was loooooonnnnngggg. Over 14 hours each way. Thankfully, Somewhither by John C. Wright kept me company for part of the trip.

I am very glad that the 4th landed the day following my return home, because dang was I exhausted.






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