Movie Review: John Wick 2

I got the chance to watch John Wick 2, because being ill just doesn’t allow for too many other options.

I thought 2 was a far better movie than 1.

The beginning started off with a bang.

No puppies were killed.

Reeves didn’t have many lines.

No puppies were killed.

The plot was well defined. There was no question as to what was going on.

I loved some of the interesting throwbacks to old technology. The phone switchboard, the rotary telephones, the rules of etiquette. It gives an old world feel of professionalism to the trade.

And they all dress so stylishly. Why don’t people dress that way anymore?

I’m still not a fan of Reeves in this role. While he does an amazing job in the action scenes. When it comes to lines where emotion is involved, he’s about as interesting as cardboard.

The sign language was an interesting touch to the assassin chick’s character. And she used her speed, agility and weapons to take on men who out muscle her.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the first movie, this one made up for it.

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