OMSG! I need a nap.

Last week was…eventful.

For most of the week, I was sick. It’s been years since I’ve been sick with much of anything but bronchitis or other respiratory ills. This was something entirely different. Eating anything made me miserable. It sucked.

Then, a dead horse was drug out to be beat on.

As you may recall, back in January, several posts over the MadGeniusClub blog maligned Dragon Award Nominated Author, Declan Finn, for perceived wrong doing.

Yes, God forbid he put up a blog post that they didn’t like. And for which they misinterpreted as him trying to take over leadership of Sad Puppies 5. (A dead movement started by Larry Correia.)

I’ve worked in a law firm long enough to know that there are always two sides to every fight and the truth is always somewhere in the middle. Frankly, I don’t care who did what or who was in the wrong.

I do care when someone plays dirty against a friend of mine.

Anyway, it blew over, Sarah Hoyt and her minions extracted their pound of flesh and everyone moved on.

Now, six months later, when Hoyt is being questioned about why she hadn’t done any of what she had promised back in January, she drags out the dead horse again for another beating.

This time, I didn’t get into a single fight. Shocking, I know.

I did however follow the uproar it caused in certain circles.

And I shared an opinion piece by a friend criticizing Hoyt’s leadership of SPV. I made no commentary. I only shared it as I have a bunch of other posts by the same person.

No one seemed to notice, until this one. Go figure.

That was when things went down hill.

I was unceremoniously kicked out of four Facebook groups I belonged to. No warning, no explanation, just gone. And since FB groups aren’t courtrooms, I get no due process or appeal rights.

Ah well. The groups were just distractions and social hangouts.

I probably need less distractions anyway.

But, that’s when the fight started. The poor dead horse got pummeled, I got swore at for posting the criticism, and accused of things I have never done. Including sharing things outside of private groups, and conspiring to take over leadership of Sad Puppies 5, which is delusional at best.

Seriously, do we have to do this crap again? It was BS the first time around. A second round isn’t going to make the shit any sweeter.

I know I have better things to do than bicker over a dead horse. And, unlike some authors, I’m getting things accomplished despite life’s craziness.

So lets move on already.

For those interested in leaving bitter people and dead movements behind, check out some of the new, fun and exciting things happening.

Superversive Press is introducing science fiction that has morals. For Steam & Country by Jon Del Arroz was just released by them and they have a bunch of new books coming out this year. Check out their blog for interesting commentary, book reviews, sciencey things, and a lot more.

Silver Empire Press is another new publisher out there. Their Lyonesse project is an excellent short fiction subscription service. They also publish heroic novels. Declan Finn’s A Pius Man is coming out July 1st from them.

PulpRevolution (led by Castalia House, but not sure) is bringing back the action and adventure of the pulp era.

And I can’t forget Cirvosa magazine which does high fantasy.

Also, check out my novel, Path of Angels, out in print and ebook.

Now, off you go…I’m going to take a nap. I’m exhausted.



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