Working Like Crazy, But Getting Nowhere Fast

The good news first.

My short story, St. Lucian’s Star is up at Lyonesse. Check it out.

I have a short accepted to Mercury, the first of the Planetary Anthologies that Superversive Press is putting out.

My book is now available in print through CreateSpace.

Now for the other news. Lately, this is what I feel like:

Since the end of April it’s been nonstop working, but it seems like just when I get finish with one thing, three more jobs land on my plate. Throw in traveling, which eats into my work time and I can’t get ahead. In fact, I’m quite behind on several things, like keeping up this blog and my newsletter.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I need to do this week:

Catch up on newsletters I’m behind on. (4 in total…er…maybe 5)

Finish editing Jake, which is the freebie to my newsletter subscribers

2 other shorts that are submissions to various anthologies.

A magazine article that I was commissioned to write.

A chapter or two in Relic Hunter.

Read and do reviews for 2 novels.

Finish a demo recording for an audiobook.

And that’s just the must do list. I also have websites to work on, promo stuff and who knows what else (It’s all somewhere on my very long to-do list.

Oh…and I have a day job too.

If I’m not in a padded room and straight jacket by the end of the week, I’ll be surprised.

So…go buy my book. It’s available in both print and ebook. That will make all my work worth it. Then go read St. Lucian’s Star. Sign up for my newsletter and get Jake, which is a prequel to St. Lucian’s Star for free.




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