The Dragons Are Coming And They Are Going To Be Awesome!

For me, dragons are coming in more ways than one.

First, is the Dragon Awards at DragonCon. (I’ll be attending this year….yay.) This is the second year the awards are being held and anyone…let me repeat this…ANYONE, regardless of snob status, can nominate and vote for their favorite books, no membership needed.

The Dragon Awards relegates the self-important snobs to the level of everyone else. Sucks for them, I’m sure. It puts awards in the hands of the broad base of fans, young and old, new and seasoned, rich and poor, book purchaser and book borrowers, and their wide diversity of tastes in fiction.

New isn’t always better, but in this case, it certainly is. Fresh new voices in the Science Fiction community is breathing life back into the genre, producing new and interesting works that will someday become the classics that future generations will read.

So…how do you get in on voting for that fabulous book you just read (such as mine…hint, hint) and want everyone else to read too?

Step 1: Go the the Dragon Award website. Read the FAQ if you haven’t voted before.

Step 2: Click on link for the nomination page.

Step 2: Put in your nominations for the different categories. If you only have one novel, movie, tv show or game you want to vote for, then put in that one book and submit.

Step 3: Share the love. Tell everyone who you voted for and ask them to put in their votes for the works they love. Not only will the writer love you, those looking for good books to read will too.

What am I voting for? Hmmm. Good question. What am I voting for?

What I can vote for is rather limited because I don’t have a lot of time to read and much of what I have read is not eligible. I still have time to get a book or two in the mix, but I won’t hold my breath on that.

Best Science Fiction Novel

This is a hard one. There are several books I hope to read in time for the Dragons, including Richard Paolinelli’s Escaping Infinity . It’s sitting in my Kindle nagging me to read it. (Richard…have you thought about changing your name to something I can spell? Like Smith or Jones? Just a suggestion.)

Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal)

Live and Let Bite by Declan Finn – Book trailer is HERE, Review is HERE and One Page Podcast reading is HERE.

Best Young Adult/Middle Grade Novel

Since this is likely the only way my book Path of Angels is going to get a vote, I’m putting it in. I have a feeling that L. Jagi Lamplighter’s Rachael Griffen book has got this spot taken.

Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel

I got nothing.

Best Alternate History Novel

Again nothing. Lou Antonelli’s Another Girl, Another Planet has been recommended to me for this category.

Best Apocalyptic Novel 

Codename: Unsub – The review is HERE.

Best Horror Novel

I think Murphy’s Law of Vampires by Declan Finn works here. The review is HERE. The One Page Podcast Reading is HERE.

Last year, Book 1, Honor At Stake was on the shortlist for this category. If you haven’t read it, you might want to before you read books 2 and 3.

Best Comic Book

Red Sonja: The Long Walk to Oblivion by writer Erik Burnham and artist Tom Mandrake.

Best TV Show

Killjoys – Review is HERE.

Best Movie

Doctor Strange – Review is HERE.

I got nothing for games. Unless you count Candy Crush Soda, I haven’t had time.

I’ll update this if and when I get anything else read that merits a nomination.

Second, I just got news that my short, Saint Lucian’s Star will be coming out soon. (More news later when I have details)

Dragons make an appearance in the Relic Hunter World of Darrion Artenan and Lillyanne. There are vicious people eating dragons that live in the extreme climate of Terrelia, and the fluffy dragons of a planet of snow and ice, wyverns the size of eagles, and all sorts of ones in between.

The novel, is slowly coming, coming along. It’s the long version of how Darrion gets his Terrelian Dragonhide coat. It starts with a murder/robbery at the Vatican Museum that could cause an intergalactic war. I can’t wait to find out what happens.

I will also have a short going out to my newsletter readers about Lillyanne and Jake. Jake is her grizzly bear sized dog. I’m finishing up the cover and a few edits on it now. If you’re not on my list, you won’t get the book, so sign up now.





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