Movie Review: Rogue One and Triple X 3

This week, I figured out how to multitask. This allowed me to watch movies while doing mindless work. I’ve been meaning to get to both of these movies awhile ago, but just hadn’t had the time.

First off was Rogue One.

It was good, even thought I thought it was told from the wrong POV. The main character did nothing of interest. If she had been cut out, I’m not sure anyone would have noticed. The supporting characters were kinda awesome. Especially the blind guy.

Mads Mikkelsen was in this one. He was the best part of the whole movie. He is such a great actor. Okay…I admit it. I’m in love with the accent. I could listen to him talk all day long. He’s okay to look at too.

It has all of the typical Star Wars feel to it. Overall worth the watch. Mads is the only reason I’d buy this movie.

Up second is Triple X 3 with Vin Diesel.

I own the 1st one. If it had been VHS, I would have worn it out, I’ve watched it that many times. It’s a fun action packed movie with great music.

Number 2 was not so great, so I was curious to see if they would return to the adrenaline junkie roots in this one. They did, thankfully.

It started off rocky. The intro music was too James Bond. it goes straight into Gibbons talking. In the first movie it added to the plot, in this one, it’s just flipping annoying.

It picked up with the typical over the top action shortly after. The music finally got good and supported the whole addrenaline junky theme.

They have an awkward techie like they did in the original, this time it’s a woman. She’s okay. I prefer the guy from the first movie. Funny came naturally to him. This chick was trying too hard.

One of my big pet peeves about modern movies is the “need” to have gay characters and women in charge and all the other EEOC stuff that usually ruins the movie. This movie did it correctly. The woman with the gun is a lesbian. They showed this with a couple off hand comments and then dropped the issue. Her skills with weapons was the focus and not who she was attracted to.

Vin’s character was a bit much at times. Too many scenes of him with one woman or six at a time made his character annoying. Yeah, we get it. He’ll fuck anything…so what? I want to see the action. There were also a lot of one liners taken from the first movie. They were fun in the first movie. In this one, not as much.

One thing I loved about this movie was the filming. Some of the angles during action shots were amazing. They highlighted the movements of the characters adding to the excitement of the action.

I wish it would have focused far more on the action and main central story line of stopping the bad guys and less on the “we’re all one big happy X family”, but it was still good.

Worth the watch, might be worth buying.



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