One Page Podcast: Sword and Flower by Rawle Nyanzi

A Japanese pop star… A Puritan swordsman… A death-defying adventure! Japanese entertainer Chiyo Aragaki — known to her fans as Dimity Red — has caught the attention of a demonic adversary. Her songs are in all the trendiest anime and her concerts draw massive crowds, but days before her first overseas performance, she is ripped from the glamour and glitz of stardom and taken to the ethereal realm of the Lesser Heaven. With no way to return home, she must use her ki powers and her never-give-up spirit to survive the strange world. A swordsman named Mash Marston resides in the Lesser Heaven which, despite the name, is not free from danger and death. Heroically defending his town against vile abominations, he is nearly killed but is saved by one who uses her powers to repel evil and heal wounds. Unfortunately, the powers that saved Mash and the town are also powers strictly forbidden among his people. And when Dimity and Mash cross paths, Dimity fast learns how harsh that code of honor can be. But can they take down their common foe? Reflecting the best qualities of old school pulp fiction, Sword & Flower is one part Poul Anderson, one part Edgar Rice Burroughs, and one part Akira Toriyama.

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