Siouxper Con Recap

[After Day 1] It’s 3:20 am and I just got home from Siouxper Con. Still debating on how I’m going to accomplish sleep, Mass and an hour plus drive back to the Con.

Today was fun. Siouxper Con has the most party atmosphere of a con that I’ve been to. Fun was the number one priority. And fun I had. I learned a lot too!

I didn’t spend as much at the vendors as I would have liked. It was almost strictly comics and cosplay. There are very few comics that I care for. My prized treasure is a signed copy of the most recent issue of Red Sonya.  I also picked up a red cosplay outfit on clearance.

Most of the panels I attended were by comic book artists. I learned a few cool new things. I also went to a photography session which included images of nudes and a demonstration on lighting effects.

I presented at 5:00 pm. Due to some rearranging, I was moved from a big room to a larger room. That threw me off, but I made it through.

[Day 2] Today I ended up only attending a couple panels due to arriving late and because of a cancellation. The first panel was on foam construction, the 2nd on cartoon art. I learned how to draw a classic batman.

I picked up a couple of art prints and talked to a few professionals. Found out that I have the identical camera that was being used for the photo shoot Saturday night, which was kinda cool. (Now to figure out how to use it.)

Pictures will be forthcoming once I get to it.


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