ConStellation 8 Report

I attended ConStellation Friday and part of Saturday. Too much to do to spend the entire time there. This Con is small. As in a few hundred people small. The size allowed for a lot of interaction with other artists and authors and spend time chatting that isn’t possible at large cons.

The Guest of Honor was James Gunn. No not the Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn. The other one. The one that’s been writing Science Fiction since the 1950s. The stories he told about Asimov, Heinlein and others were fascinating. He recounted that as a young man, it was quite a shock to see the “incestuous” nature of the science fiction community in regards to the changing of marriage partners. He was unusual as he was married to the same woman his entire life.

The author Guest was Marko Kloos. I had never heard from him until yesterday. I knew immediately there was something off about him. That dude is not a Nebraska native. He’s originally from Germany and writes military sci-fi. He was entertaining and always cracking jokes.

There were a number of local authors and artists as well. And being the addict that I am, I picked up a few things.

Friday I presented Book Cover Design Basics to an audience of 3. It was fun. Due to technical difficulties, I got started late so had to do some major rushing to get all the way through it and answer a bunch of questions. Each time I present this, I think of things I should add. But, then I remember I’m already pushing the time limit, so I’ll just include them in my upcoming booklet that I’ll be giving away free to those who sign up for my newsletter.

I went to a panel on 14th Century Italian weapons. This was awesome. Good thing I wasn’t sitting too close to the lust worthy sword that was on display…the drooling might have rusted it. On Saturday there was a demonstration by the sword fighters group who made me soooo want to learn sword fighting. I may have to keep their info for when I need some drool worthy sword fighting scenes. (They did let me touch things.

There was also a panel on Cryptography and Steganography. This gave me ideas for Book 2 of the Underground Series, Courage of Martyrs. When communication via mail, phone and internet are scrutinized by the government, you gotta get creative.

There was also one on How Not To Get Published. That was interesting as well since one of the panelists used to be a publicist or pr or something like that. The others were authors. The person who put the panel together literally got hit by a car crossing the street on his way to the panel.

The con was fun, the people were nice, the presenters were interesting. Looking forward to next year.

I didn’t stay the whole weekend, too much stuff to get done. Next stop is DemiCon.

(Pictures will be coming along as technology stops hating me.)



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