Wow…Things Are Happening This Year

This year is starting out with a bang. It’s only the beginning of April and I’ve already published my first novel, Path of Angels and I’m most of the way through the first draft of the sequel, Courage of Martyrs.

Starting today, I’ll am part of a Facebook Hop where I’ll be giving away prizes. Following that, Path of Angels will be going on sale.

The first 6 or so scenes of Relic Hunter are in various forms of finished.

And, Declan and I are getting into the meat of Dark Court. That project is currently on pause for the moment while he works on Book 4 of the Love At First Bite series.

There are also some short story submissions in the works.

I was a presenter at the Catholic Writers Conference Online in February and have 3 or 4 more live cons where I will be presenting this year. The first one is at the end of this month.

I’ve expanded into doing some tshirt designs for Declan Finn (Finn’s Firebrands) and Alfred Genesson (Injustice Gamer). I’ve also set up a shop on Zazzle, where some of my designs are available on tshirts and such.

The most surprising thing to happen so far, is my guest post regarding Strong Female Characters taking off. At this time it has 541 shares on Facebook alone. Apparently my post struck a chord with people. Who knew that so many were tired of the feminist ideal of strong female characters.

That post let to me joining the SuperversiveSF blog crew. So from time to time, I’ll be posting there as well.

Last, but not least, my company DW Creations LLC is all official like now. It will cover my design work, my writing and my artwork.

I’m looking forward to see what new adventures the rest of this year brings.






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