I Got My 1st Real Review

Over the past few weeks I’ve been like a little kid with a new craft I made all by myself, running around going “look, look, look…I made this.”

I think I gave out about a dozen or so ARC copies to various people. Some to do reviews and others just to read.

Over all I’ve been getting positive feed back. There has a been a distinct difference in opinions from the men who’ve read it and the women. Not surprising since the target audience is older teen girls.

I figure as long as I like it, I’m golden. If others don’t like it, then there are millions of books out there. I hope they find something more to their tastes.

Last night I received my first official review. Alfred Genneson, The Injustice Gamer, gave me a nice little review on his blog. I think he’s more of a fan of my horror writing, which I’ll be getting back to soon.

If you haven’t checked out his site, you should. He has some great reviews. My poor to-read list keeps getting longer everytime I visit his blog.

Anyway, I got a giggle out of this line in his review: “Relax, Dawn, the story IS good.”

Am I that scary? I know I’ve had idiots from 770 refuse to comment on my blog posts before because they were afraid of me. And I’ve had others tell me they want to explain their comments about my work.

I don’t get this. I’m a sweetheart. [liesurely slides knife along the sharpening stone] I would never get upset that someone didn’t like something about one of my books. [runs the other side of the knife along the sharpening stone creating a scalpel sharp edge] Honest. I can handle little things like people not seeing my brilliance. [sets knife in a duffel with duct tape, wire ties, bikini wax kit, and a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper…removes Diet Dr. Pepper. Grrr…why’d I have to give that up for Lent?]

Anyway, I’m off to visit a friend. They’re going to be…er…I mean are suffering terribly. It could be a while before I get back.

While you’re waiting, check out Path of Angels. The first 4 chapters are available for free until Sunday. The book goes live on Amazon.com on Monday.



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