Writing Is A Team Sport

You’ve heard about writers, right? They are loners…probably drunk…who only socialize on the odd occasion with other probably drunk loners. They write in solitude and only go outside on liquor store runs.

Yeah, I laughed too.

Because writing is anything but a solitary sport.

It is, by it’s very process a team sport.

Go team!

From those people who cheer you on, or nag you to write, to other writers who you bounce ideas off of, the editors and alpha readers and beta readers and your mother’s cousin twice removed, to the book cover designer and publisher and reviewers.

And if you’re indie author…tech support. (These people can sometimes be the most important part of your team.)

Here’s something new that I ran across recently that makes writing more of a sport than before.


The website allows you to make writing a race style game. Just click “Join The Race” on the home page, then enter your name and start typing. To the right is the leader board which shows you where everyone you’re racing against places. When you’re done, it prompts you to download your writing as a text file.

This is a perfect way to have a bit of fun while writing.

Now, get your team together and go write.

Go Team!


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