Lent, Week 1: Utter Failure

Lent started out so well. During the day on Wednesday, I sipped away on my water bottle (okay it’s one of those cool mason jars with a straw) and I stocked up on fish sticks and salad for work rather than eating out.

After work, everything went south. I became severely nauseous and the world tilted every time I moved even slightly. Oh joy.

So my bed replaced Mass and involuntary fasting began.

About a month ago I ended up with inner ear infection, which made me quite dizzy. The infection went away, but the congestion has made a reappearance worse than before. I can understand sinus congestion, but who gets ear canal congestion? Apparently me. The doctor prescribed me some drugs to help, but they have this lovely side effect of preventing sleep.

Took the drugs so that I could basically function, but standing for long periods of time so that I could make food was out of the question. I eventually broke down and got cheap drive through from Taco Johns, which is the closest drive through to my house.

I hadn’t sleep at all since Wednesday and was still feeling miserable so Friday was Chinese take-out on my way home from work. Idiot me, forgot that wonton soup, the only thing that I ate that day was made from Chicken broth. Sigh.

On the bright side, I have not had a drop of Diet Dr. Pepper. I have however had Ginger ale because the water was making my sore throat worse and it settled my stomach a bit.

If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any at all.

So far my options have been: Don’t take the drugs, feel miserable and be unable to sleep. Take the drugs, feel less miserable and be unable to sleep.

Tomorrow I shall try again. But, right now, I need to go search out more drugs because everything is starting to move on it’s own again.


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