Let The Blog Tour Begin!

I’ll be making an appearance at several blogs over the next few weeks. I’ll have posts up about a variety of different subjects including the current culture, art and literature.

I’m a bit behind on posting this, because I’ve been a lot busy. Between getting Path of Angels ready to go, keeping up with Declan’s blog while he’s on vacation, getting this blog tour set up, being sick, and all of the other cool things I’ve been doing. Working 12-18 hour days, seven days a week gets a bit exhausting sometimes. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today my post, Society Gone South, is on the Boy Scouts and their policy change is up on Daniella Bova’s D Street Blog.

On the 12th my post about finding time to write will be up on Georgie Lee’s blog.

And I will be on Superversive SF’s site talking about over and covert messaging on the 13th.

At some point I’ll be up on Declan’s blog and several others, as soon as I get the posts written. I will post when I know the schedule.

Just a reminder, Path of Angels is out on the 13th. Pre-order now so that it will be on your Kindle when wake up an hour late for work, because DST just kicked in.


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