Is It Lent Already?

Today starts the forty days of self-sacrifice in remembrance of Jesus’s sacrifice for us.

And as usually, I am totally unprepared.

Several years ago, I began changing where I volunteer my time and what pursuits I follow.

At this point, I already spend a considerable time on a daily basis sacrificing my time for the benefit of others.

I spend most of my day in some form of prayer or another.

Even my writing reflects my beliefs at the most basic level.

So, what can I do that I’m not already doing?

First off, I never feel that anything I do is ever enough. How does one do enough to make up for the pain and suffering that Jesus went through so that I would have a chance at Heaven.

I know if I get there, it will be at God’s mercy. As a Secular Carmelite I made a promise to tend toward evangelical perfection in the spirit of the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty, obedience and of the Beatitudes.

This means that I do far more than most Catholics, because I am called to.

Each day I have to work hard to fulfill those promises…especially that whole obedience thing. Some days I succeed and other days people touch my stuff and I fail miserably.

Last week, I think, I talked about changing my diet and stop eating out so much. I’m going to expand on that and make it a real sacrifice and not eat out at all, except in the direst of circumstances, as well as replace my ever present Diet Dr. Pepper with water.

I just want to tell you all that it’s been nice knowing you, but I will surely die having to eat my own cooking and drink water.

And if I make it into Heaven, I’ll save you a spot.

Happy Lent everyone.


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    Living with a Dr. Pepper addict has taught me that giving it up is also a penance for those around you. 🙂

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