In The Court of Public Opinion

The Court of Public Opinion has been working overtime on Milo Yiannopoulos.

Unlike in a real court, one is not innocent until proven guilty and there are no rules of conduct. An edited video was “leaked” by someone with an ax to grind against the self-professed troll. The proverbial shit hit the fan after that.

Twitter was all abuzz with “reliable sources” claiming all sorts of stuff. One claimed there was video of Milo doing untoward and frankly illegal stuff with underage boys. No video has been released to substantiate that claim.

There were other claims that he actively promoted pedophilia in previous videos and writings. Again, nothing was produced substantiating those claims.

There were a myriad of other less interesting claims as well.

Being the completely untrusting sort, I didn’t immediately jump at the “news” aka gossips and rumors about Milo. I have listened to some of his speeches. He is entertaining and speaks mostly commonsense mixed in with some¬†outrageous things. That’s about as far as my following goes.

Soon after, his book deal went belly up as did his job and CPAC appearance. Which I think is complete reactionary bullshit.

The mob that went after him don’t care whether the gossip and rumors are true. They don’t care that the garbage being spread actually hurts a real person. They are only concerned with beating down someone with a differing opinion. However, they will fight tooth and nail for a real pedophile who agrees with them.

Of course they aren’t a bunch of hypocrites and self-righteous pricks for supporting people doing exactly what they are eviscerating Milo for. No…they are right and good for attacking someone who is on the wrong political side.

Who gives a crap if they based the attack solely on falsified evidence, rumors and gossip. Hearsay is perfectly acceptable in the Court of Public Opinion as is trying to enact punishment on the “guilty” by destroying their livelihood, relationships and reputation.

The Court of Public Opinion knows no bounds. It is not solely an occurrence of the left, although public attacks seem to be their go-to method, it is used by all sorts of people on all political sides, just not quite so frequently.

Having been on the bad side of the judges, juries and executioners, could be why I don’t care what other people think anymore. If you don’t like me, that’s your problem, not mine. If you go after my job, my family, or my chocolate, I will feel bad about shooting you, but I still won’t care an ounce about your opinion of me. Sorry.

Piece of advice from someone who’s been on the receiving end before, pause before you join in on twitter mobs or posting critical opinions that go BEYOND criticizing the ideas of someone else. This Court can easily turn on you. And trust me, it’s not so fun being on the receiving end. It’s annoying and a royal time suck.

Of course I have found out all sorts of stuff I didn’t know about what I’ve said, done and thought. That’s been eye-opening. And sometimes quite funny.

Anyway, I’m putting down my gavel and getting back to work. I have books to write and money to make.

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