Cosplay Body: A Writer’s Gotta Eat

For the past couple of years, I’ve basically given up on cooking for the most part. I have too much stuff to do or I’m just not home to cook.

Cookbooks that I own are basically for the pictures. (There are a few things that I used to cook from them, but with diet switch, most are useless now.)

That is going to change. Mainly because it takes time to run and grab food from where ever. Lately, I’ve had cravings for those crappy little McDs hamburgers.

I’ve broken down and gotten my very own Keurig style coffee maker so that I don’t have to go far from my desk. If it was up to me, I would likely just live off of coffee. It’s quick, it’s easy and I get more writing accomplished.

But, on occasion I must eat.

I’ve gradually been working my way to a paleo diet. I tried going cold turkey at one point, but the shock was too much. I was starving, because my body was used to the instant sugar rush.

I started by cutting one item at a time. The easiest to cut was pasta, because there are few places around here where I can get take-out pasta and none that have a drive-thru.

Next were milk and cereal. These went when I discovered that milk shoots my blood sugar higher than anything else. And since I can’t eat cereal without milk, well it went too.

There are a few things that I have a very hard time giving up. I’ve cut way back on things such as rice, beans and cheese, but not cut out totally.

For other things, like ice cream, I have been finding substitutes for those. There are no sugar added versions made with coconut milk, which are pretty good.

The changes alone have been helpful in keeping off most of the weight I lost last year, even with sitting in front of a computer 12+ hours most days.

My biggest challenge in switching back to cooking is forcing myself to stop long enough to make food. I may take a trick that one of my friends does and cooks a week’s worth of meals in one day.

I have no aversion to eating the same thing for every meal for several days if it’s something I particularly like.

I also have the issue of food on the goal. Maybe I can keep edibles that don’t need to be refrigerated in my car so I always have something low-carb available. It never fails, when I need something, the only things available are candy bars or chips. In a pinch they work, but not ideal.

Now, I’m hungry and need to go find food. I should really eat before I get so hungry that I’d chew off one of my own arms.

So I’m off to cook…something. Hmmm.


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