My Vote For The Planetary Awards 2017

I am a terrible person to let pick anything. Especially when there are so many great options that are nominated. I want to give everyone a trophy. Since that isn’t an option. Then a toast…

Short Story Category

This category comes down to three stories:

“Awakening” by Susan Kaye Quinn

“The Gift of the Ob-Men” by Schuyler Hernstrom

“Edge” by Russell Newquist

To narrow this down, I resorted to Grammar Nazi-ism first. The Edge was knocked out due to a typo close to the bigging. Sorry Russell. This makes me sad, because the story grabbed me at the opening and I couldn’t put it down.

That still leaves me with two stories to choose from. Sigh. Okay, flipping a coin, because both stories are just that good.

My vote goes to “Awakening” by Susan Kaye Quinn


This category was the easiest to choose from because I’ve only finished one of the books on the list. I have several others, including The Secret Kings and Swan Knight’s Son in my to-read list. There is no possible way that I’ll be able to get either of these read before the end of the voting period, so by default, my vote goes to Murphy’s Law of Vampires by Declan Finn.

Murphy’s is book 2 in the Love At First Bite Series. It is one of the very few books that I’ve read more than once. A book has to be beyond amazing to make it to that list and Declan has done that so far with every book in this series. I love the characters, I love the action, and I love how Murphy’s is its own story and not a filler between book one and the next book.

Good luck to all the nominees and may the best stories win.

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