Cosplay Body: How Does This Happen?

For the past few weeks I’ve been hitting the gym and generally getting more excercise in order to get into shape for con season, but also to get healthier. It will also make my doctor happier (Aka cheaper on me).

Except for my bought of candy eating (and little else) I have been eating sorta healthy and certainly fewer calories. You would think that this would net me a lose in the weight department. Especially considering that I’m between sizes and the smaller size is fitting far better than it had.

Stupid me decided to step on the scale. #(%@+*^$*…I gained weight.


How can you burn way more calories than you eat and gain weight. This is wrong on so many levels.

Grrr…anyway. On the plus side, I made it to a whole 5 minutes of running without gasping for air and passing out.

I’m sleeping slightly better.

I am looking at clothes in the next smaller size regardless of my weight.

I am getting more accomplished writing wise because I’m not so tired.

This could be a good thing.

The gaining weight though is iritating, though.

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    It is called building muscle. Muscle weighs much more than fat. If you weighed 160 lbs and had a body like Melania Trump\’s, would you complain? Forget about the weight and look at the body shape. That is the important thing.

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