Happy Half-Priced Chocolate Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, when couples get together get each other gifts, profess their love for one another and then set to work on producing the next generation of children.

I went to the gym and worked off all the candy I ate. Then I moped around home playing Tomb Raiders. I’m still trying to figure out the stupid controls and how not to get completely lost. (Why do video games not have GPS? Seriously?)

My Valentine’s Day was spent working on Path of Angels and with friends online. This is so my kind of Valentine’s Day. Not going out and getting flowers. That’d be okay too. But, just spending time with people I care about doing things I love to do.

To all my fans and loved ones, today we celebrate one of the greatest holiday of the year…half-priced candy day. Since being diagnosed with diabetes, I have had to reduce my candy consumption so I don’t participate any longer.

But, by all means enjoy the joys of the day and eat some for me.

And stock up so you have some to munch on in a few weeks when Path of Angels comes out.




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