Yes, I’m Tired of Winning!

Jon Del Arroz posed this question on Twitter:

Yes, Jon, I am tired of winning. Winning is hard work. Lots of hard work.

I’m tired of the late nights working,

I’m tired of characters vying for attention,

I’m tired of editing…oh, I’m so tired of editing,

I’m tired of having to be meticulously organized so that I don’t forget to do stuff, especially for other people,

I’m tired of having to remember to eat,

I’m tired of the panic attacks over my massively large to-do list

I’m tired of getting distracted by Facebook, Twitter, Gab, blogs, Youtube and all of the awesome places to learn new things and meet new people,

I’m tired of having to do bookkeeping and accounting in order to file my taxes each year,

I’m tired of having to spend hours upon hours of doing research so I don’t get dinged over incorrect facts in my science fiction,

I’m tired of having way more ideas than I have time for,

I’m tired of wondering if people are going to like my writing,

I’m tired of worrying that I have commas out of place,

I’m tired of having to listen to whiners complain that what I have to say offends them or hurts their feelings or is odd.

So yes, I’m tired of winning,

but damn is it rewarding.

I have made some great new friends

I’ve gotten to see my name in print

I have gained a fan or two of my writing

I have gotten to travel to new places

I’ve gotten to celebrate other writer’s accomplishments

I’ve gotten to see progress in my own writing

And I have my first novel coming out soon, which I’m sure will be a best-seller and Dragon Award nominee with your help. Pre-orders are open.

So, no matter how tired I get, I will never stop.





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