Cosplay Body, Day 1

You might remember a week or so ago I talked about getting in shape for Con season. So that I look more Leia and less Jaba.

Well a local gym was having one of the usual cheap sign-ups in January, so I took the plunge and signed up.

I stumbled on mistake number one of getting in shape. Don’t scarf down food and then go walking/running shortly thereafter. I was miserable about 10 minutes in.

Apparently I have been sitting behind the computer way too much this winter. I made it a half hour and 1.58 miles before I had to quit. My calves hurt, my back hurt and I was exhausted.

I had plans over the weekend to head back to the gym and do another couple miles or more, but thanks to a nasty attack of depression and anxiety, I spent the weekend exhausted and in bed.

On the plus side, I’ve dropped 5 lbs so far. I’m not sure if that is due to my change in diet or just forgetting to eat. Another 5 lbs and I’ll be back at my starting weight before winter set in.

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