Book Review: The Gods Defense by Amie Gibbons

What do you get when you throw 3 lawyers, Greek gods, magic, portals from another world, and a plot to kill all of mankind? A whole lot of crazy. The fun kind.

Magic is back and so are the ancient gods who have a millenia old tiff. Some of the lessor gods are determined to bring down the more powerful ones and will use any means necessary, including wiping out mankind.

Cassandra Berry is a spunky Nashville prosecutor, and psychic, who gets drug into the battle between the gods by an old flame, Apollo. She has to use her wit and charm to not only outsmart the evil, Ravena, but also to keep Apollo’s affections at bay. And, she has to do all of that while helping Zeus prevent the destruction of both gods and man.

Her two sidekicks, Tyler and Millie, are also lawyers. Tyler is a kickass action chick ready to jump into the fray with guns blazing. Millie is the quiet, but dangerous one who says whatever comes to mind. You never know what she’s going to say.

Then there are the gods. Apollo is the sexy ex who doesn’t want to continue being an ex.┬áHis father, Zeus, isn’t fond of Cassandra or some of her hair brained ideas, which lands her into trouble with him more than once.┬áHades, Persephone and Artemis also make an appearance.

There is also the manipulative little weasel, Ravena. If I could have, I would have reach into the book and slapped him a number of times. He does get what he has coming to him later in the book, but I won’t spoil it.

This was such a fun read. I would highly recommend this book, especially if you like spunky lawyers as fantasy heroes.

You can buy The Gods Defense by Amie Gibbons on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.





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