Where To Find Me This Year

Dear Stalkers and anyone else interested,

I should be fairly easy to find this year. Most of the time, I’ll be behind a computer. Yup…I lead an exciting life.

My schedule so far this year looks like this:

Sunday, February 12th @ 7pm EST I’ll be on the Catholic Geek talking about my upcoming book, Path of Angels, Valentines Day and the romance genre.

Saturday, February 18th @ 12 pm EST I’ll be presenting Book Cover Basics for Indie Authors at the Catholic Writers Conference Online

May 12-14 Sioux Falls, SD at SiouxperCon

June 30-July 2 Chattanooga, TN at LibertyCon

July 7-9th Omaha, NE at OCon

September 1-4 Atlanta, GA at DragonCon




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