4 Free Programs For Creating Book Covers

Being an indie author can really suck sometimes, especially if you’re strapped for cash and need to do everything yourself. I totally understand. My first book cover was done on a cheepy card design software. The cover was black and white. It was serviceable, but nothing eye catching.

Fast forward and now there are loads of free sites where you can edit pictures, add text and make decent looking covers.

All you need are minimal computer skills and friends with good taste.

  1. Picmonkey – This is my favorite tech dummy program to use. It offers both free and paid customizations.

  2. Pixler Editor – This online program is a bit more complicated than Picmonkey, but not bad.
  3. Gimp – For those with a few more tech skills or a lot of free time and patience, this program is the open source version of Photoshop, without all of the fancy features. I use this for all of my covers.
  4. Kindle/Create Space Cover Creator – This is free online software that Amazon offers. I have never seen a cover done this way that I’ve liked, but you may have better luck.

Pick your software, create a number of drafts and get other’s opinions, especially if you don’t have a good artistic eye.

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