Politics of Path of Angels

Politics in Nacerma is a mismatch of several political systems, both governmental and civil.

Nacerma is run by the Council, similar to a Board of Directors of a corporation. This Council is made up of two of representatives from each of the six regions. Similar to a communist regime, the representatives are not truly chosen by the people. Candidates for the Council are chosen by the Council and then voted on by the public. Not just anyone can become a Council member. They are chosen from select group of elite citizen who have political connections. These Elite have more money and access to things normal citizens don’t have access to.

In Path of Angels we get to meet one of the council members and see a bit of his lifestyle compared to the normal citizens. Council members and those with certain political connections are the only ones that have cars, they’re the only ones that have internet in their homes, and are the only ones that have the money to do what they wish.

The council was set up in the early days to be similar to a republic however it quickly changed to something closer to Communism. While the government provides free housing, food, clothing and health care they require 5 years of dedicated service to the government. The government choosing where the person is assigned. During that 5 years the government basically owns the person. Women are not allowed to get pregnant. If they do get pregnant during their time of service, they must answer to a tribunal for their crime. The tribunal determines the fate of the mother and child.
The Council is the branch of government that creates the law four Nacerma. Those that enforce the laws are the Black Guard. They are the military/police branch headed by the High Commander.

The High Commander has almost unlimited power to decide what happens to a prisoner. They can choose to have a public trial where a tribunal servesĀ as judge and jury. Or, they can serve as judge and jury and executioner themselves.

The Red Guard are an Elite Force of the Black Guard that is tasked with rooting out traitors and those who violate the ban against religion. Although the Red Guard is under the High Commander the field captain of the Red Guard can take action on his own or petition the Council directly bypassing the High Commander.

In Path of Angels we see a little of the politics between the various groups, but we don’t get into it heavily until Book 2, Courage of Martyrs.

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