Time Changes Everything

Have you ever read a book, then had something dramatic in your life happen, and then when you read the book again, the whole story seems to have changed?

I rarely read a book more than once. It has to be something special for me to do that. It has to be that so thoroughly bonds me to the characters that I don’t only want to read it, I need to read it. I need to visit those fictional friends that I made in the book again.

I can count on one hand how many of those books I’ve run across.

  1. Where Did The Baby Go (Golden Books) This was the one book that I read repeatedly as a child. I still remember laying across the back of the couch reading this while my mom vacuumed.
  2. Pit Pony (Wiki says it was first published in 1990, which is not possible) I read this book in middle school for the first time, I think. I was fascinated by the history, but more so with the relationship between the boy and the pony.
  3. Sweet Wild Wind (1982) This was among the first historical romance novels that I read. I still have it in hard cover…somewhere. The dust jacket is gone and the book looks very well worn. It’s been a long time since I cracked it open and I suspect that life will have changed this story drastically for me.

I’m reading a book like that now.

A lot has happened since that first reading over a year ago.

Dialogue that made little impact on me back then, hit me in a whole new way. It’s as if the characters are saying the unspoken words that I wish that I would have. Done the things I wish I had done in situations that have nothing to do with what the story is about.

Time has a way of making scenes that I used to love, seem not so loveable anymore.

And as I read this book, I know that this will be the last time.


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