Getting Ready For Cosplay Season

This year, I plan to hit a few cons in cosplay. Unfortunately, I’m a bit out of shape at the moment.



This needs rectified if I plan to go as Red Sonya for Dragon Con (modified for a bit more coverage…I’d hate to blind people with my whiteness or end up giving a new meaning to RED Sonya – I burn easily).

Last winter, I lost 35 lbs. For the most part, I’ve kept it off.

But, I still have more to go. Like another 35 – 40 lbs. (I think)

I lose weight oddly so the actual amount I need to loose to fit into my characters will depend on where it decides to come off of me.

This shall be a challenge since I sit at a computer pretty much all day and night.

And, I like food. Especially junk food. I might have a problem there.

Especially if I want to look more like a butterfly and less like a horsefly.

I could stick with Steampunk which is a bit more forgiving, however it is a lot more work than say a fairy dress, but I might try. We’ll see.


For now, the only character I have ready to go is Galadren from It Was Only On Stun and Set To Kill. He is such a fun character.


That is a terrible picture in bad lighting, but at least I wasn’t making odd faces while trying to take a picture. That’s a plus.

So, this week begins my quest get into cosplay shape.

How am I going to do it?

With my two favorite resources: Nerd Fitness and Whole30

Nerd Fitness┬áhas such fun nerdy themed workouts and a very supportive community of other nerdy type people looking to get healthy. I may even think about exercising…think being the key word.

Whole30 is a paleo type diet of mainly meat, fruits and veggies. Skip the grains, dairy, sugar and highly processed crap, all of which aren’t good for my diabetes anyway. This will mean I will have to cook. Sigh. I prefer the eating part over the cooking part. But, I guess if I want to eat, I will need to cook.






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